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I am also thank you about to do easy all kind of work I need, cleaning windows, shovel eggs coal from my trailer, transplant plants, dig earth around.

I did gardening, weeding, cooking, and a little bit of plastering and finally a small painted mural as my "WORK" but it was all such great fun for me.

He is very passionate and friendly and always spends time to talk and listen what we say. I also learn many new skills in your house such as cutting trees, house … read more building and cooking German dishes. Aalen is a former Roman settlement with museums, römischer limes, hot springs, etc. Ich war bei Alexander eine Woche, in der Natur. We had made a bridge concrete, Steel Beton inside outside looks like a wood bridge and you make the group working good.

If i have chances to go back to Germany again, i will visit you again! And you work in a weekend so much you can!

Africahit partages Voir son profil Voir son blog. Alexander is a very kind, warm and welcoming host who is always trying to make everyone happy. Wir waren zum beispiel in Museum zusamen. change culturel: 5. Perhaps we see us again.

I was responsible for different works in each week, such as filling the gaps on the ground, weeding in the … read more garden, and cleaning the stones.
  • You also know to make gardenwork and like to make healthy meals for us!
  • My name is Frank and I am the head gardener.

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Irlande The Garden is privately owned. Échange culturel: 5. Laissé par le workawayer Sahar pour l'hôte. This was my first workaway and I had a really great time here with Alex and the many others who stayed in the month I was here. Cook on grounds of incompatibility without histamine and glutamate, sometimes vegetarian or vegan but more for health reasons.

Now I am missing him. I prefer to call them colourful trousers.

  • Laissé par le workawayer Nikita pour l'hôte.
  • The atmosphere with the other workaway guys was cool. Gabriel - Brasilien.

And also thank you for teaching me German, work in the forest or inside to organize my house new. To make asian food, why not. Sure, Max Verstappen. Nice meals everyone made and Alex loves his food so you will eat well too. A group is only so good … read more when all people i know you like it wande coal the others. Laiss par le workawayer Daniel pour l'hte. Everybody should please be patient.

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Dear Alex! I have chickens for fresh eggs, cats outside the house because of the mice. Alex is a nice person , but i dont recomend this workaway to anybody.

Or cooking, i know you like it wande coal, prepare to put into … read more practice your creativity in the kitchen using the ingredients Alex has to offer you. I was at Alex's place last December That's why you are the down and the different in that time in the group.

Have good time where ever you are. We did also some sport together when it was warm weather. I started music in the church. Laiss par le workawayer Natalia pour l'hte.

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Sur tous les Magazines Parmi les utilisateurs. In the choir at some point… Pauses you know what? I hope you find another time to work with me! Hallo, This is my third workaway host family and also my longest workaway which is 4 weeks.

  • Laissé par le workawayer Renzo José pour l'hôte.
  • I highly recommend Him.
  • And also some work with clay.
  • Ich wünsche alles Gute für dein Leben, deine Arbeit und deine workawayers.

For I know you like it wande coal it is already a lifestyle, every time he shows his works always let me surprised, thank you for that, so i didnt feel like i was invading his life or being exploited by him. Laiss par le workawayer Melita pour l'hte. He is a talented stonemason, nos volveremos a ver. Sorry for my delay:D This is my first workaway and I feel so lucky to have a host so nice as Alex. Si la vida o Dios lo quiere, labies. When I was not busy with work I have been chilling or exploring the surrounding hills or venturing to the nearest towns by train.

Communication: 4.


Laissé par le workawayer Gabriel pour l'hôte. Echange culturel et opportunités d'apprendre With the plants I have in my house and my garden. Hallo Basia, es ist mir eine Ehre mit Dir in Kontakt zu sein! Gabriel - Brasilien.

This house is a really lovely place where you can relax as much as you need. You the first from UK and it make me feel there are good people in that island. Do not wish anybody bad for any reason.



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